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Разработка инновационного решения для производителей в рамках совместного проекта SAP и Microsoft

4 июня 2013
Разработка инновационного решения для производителей в рамках совместного проекта SAP и Microsoft
4 июня компания SAP объявила о своем сотрудничестве с корпорацией Microsoft в процессе совместной разработки решения для промышленных предприятий на базе ПО SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) и Microsoft Office 365. Компании планируют создать продукт, с помощью которого пользователи смогут анализировать интегрированную информацию с производственных и бизнес подразделений компании в «реальном времени». (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
As a result of the joint development, SAP and Microsoft have incorporated manufacturing data and contextualized it with real-time enterprise data, and are delivering it through a flexible self-service analytical user experience into Office 365. Customers of both SAP and Microsoft can now realize new benefits to their systems, including:
  • A simple, common and collaborative environment to visualize live-plant data
  • Reduced total cost of ownership for IT to build and maintain standard reports or help maintain security and data integrity on individual or local copies of Excel spreadsheets
  • Collaborative and common view of data across manufacturing locations
  • Reduction in custom calculations and errors that are required to turn raw data into information by allowing IT to provide validated feeds of information directly to the Excel sheets
“Accessing real-time intelligence from the shop floor through a cloud service drives tremendous value to our joint customers,” said Mike Lackey, vice president, Manufacturing Solutions, SAP. “By co-innovating with our partner, Microsoft, we are able to deliver a familiar and collaborative environment to visualize live-plant data.”

“Our alliance with SAP in the manufacturing industry helps put the right information at the fingertips of users with modern tools such as Office 365, Windows 8 devices and Windows Azure,” said Caglayan Arkan, general manager, Worldwide Manufacturing & Resources Sector, Microsoft Corp. “Working together, we extend the reach of factory information to virtually any role, anywhere and on any device – through familiar and simple tools that enhance end users’ abilities to make faster, better decisions.”

Source:  sap.com


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