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Инструменты интеграции данных: Индекс лучших поставщиков за 2012 год

28 марта 2013 Эффективные инструменты для интеграции данных необходимы каждой компании, стремящейся руководить, а не быть рабом информации, и принимать обоснованные стратегические решения. Тем не менее, многие поставщики предлагают уникальные решения, которые обещают помочь покорить мир. Чтобы принять правильное решение в выборе того или иного продукта, предлагаем ознакомиться с отчетом бенчмаркингового исследования рынка инструментов интеграции данных за 2012 год, опубликованного компанией Ventana Research на английском языке. (Материал опубликован на английском языке)
Volumes of data continue to grow.  Conventional structured data of the kind found in transaction systems grew more than 30 percent in the last year in 17 percent of organizations and 10 to 30 percent in two-thirds of them.  And organizations increasingly must address the velocity of incoming data and integrate in more frequently than in the past as they strive to maintain competitive positioning by making decisions based on the most current data.  Two-thirds of research participants integrate most of their data daily or more often, and almost one-third (31%) integrate their data hourly or more often.  Executives are particularly aware of this pressure:  47 percent said their organization integrates data at least hourly.

Dedicated software for data integration can automate much of this work.  Properly deployed, such a tool can save significant time and resources in producing data that is consistent, timely and of high quality.  Automation also can save people time in data preparation.

Thus, data integration must be part of an overall information management strategy that also includes data quality, master data management, data governance and data virtualization.  Many organizations (42%) said that existing barriers to effective information management will force them to undertake improvements, particularly where they must address such organizational issues as globalization and mergers or acquisitions.

Source:  informatica.com
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